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ONLY For Pokemon-FR Watchers ! What gender art thou ? :D 

908 deviants said Male
755 deviants said Female
69 deviants said It's Private, you know ! Even in a poll !
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Jun 24, 2017
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The Whole World :D

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As we promised before, here is the Celebration Pict
1,000,000 Pageviews - Challenge the Gods by Pokemon-FR
All Dragons from GEN I - V :D
  • Listening to: ALTIMA, AAA & Super Eurobeat
  • Playing: LEGO Marvel & NBA 2K13 with Slam Dunk mods

FR Pokemons Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 10, 2011, 5:42 PM

All Prices are in US$
Feel free to ask if you have any question :)
For serious commissioner only :D

Term & Conditions :
* Small Res pict will uploaded to the FR Pokedexs Gallery and we will put your username at the artist comments & in the pict like this "This FR Pokedex is commissioned by :iconyourusername :" (Tell us if you don't want your username to be exposed :))
* Big Resolution pict in JPEG or PNG (your choice) will be send to your email.
* No correction , no refund after finished pict is posted in our gallery, as we have gave our best in the progress of making it. :D
* All picts with simple background or you can order it to be no background at all. Because we are totally suck in background :P

This can also called "donation" for completing the FR Pokedexs. So now you can see the FR Pokedex of any pokemon (including 1st & 2nd stage)
          :pokeball: 1st stage pokemons -> $5
          :pokeball: 2nd stage pokemons -> $10
          :pokeball: 3rd stage pokemons -> $15
* Pokemon with only 2nd stage evolution will counted normally as 2nd stage pokemons as well. Examples : Zoroark, Lucario, etc
* Pokemon with only 1st stage form, will be counted as 2nd stage. Ex : Skarmory, Seviper, etc
Examples :
Normals, Gallery Folder ->…
Pokedex 181 - Ampharos FR by Pokemon-FR Pokedex 330 - Flygon FR by Pokemon-FR Pokedex 376 - Metagross FR by Pokemon-FR Pokedex 571 - Zoroark FR by Pokemon-FR
Legendaries, Gallery Folder ->…
L'Pokedex 249 - Lugia FR by Pokemon-FR L'Pokedex 384 - Rayquaza FR by Pokemon-FR L'Pokedex 491 - Darkrai FR by Pokemon-FR
This can also called "donation" for completing the FR Gijinkas. Only Gijinka for Legendaries, 1 form Pokemons, Eevolutions & Final Evo Pokemons. You can also commish a Gijinka-FR for your OC too. There's only 1 price for the Gijinka-FR Commission
           :pokeball: 1 Gijinka-FR -> $15
Examples :…
GFR 635 - Dragoon of Hydreigon by Gijinka-FR GFR 227 - Skarmory's Morpher by Gijinka-FR GFR 383 - Pokeman Groudon AR by Gijinka-FR GFR 623 - Rockman X9 by Gijinka-FR

This is normal commission like all the other artists have :)
1. Poketeam
There is 2 kind of Poketeam Commission
* Trainer can be from pokemon world, your OC or even yourself ! :D But the OC must have already drawn by you or other artists for reference :)
• Poketeam Poster
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 1 pokemon -> $10
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 2 pokemons -> $15
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 3 pokemons -> $20
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 4 pokemons -> $25
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 5 pokemons -> $30
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 6 (max) pokemons -> $35
Examples :
Commis$ion - Poketeam Poster 01 by Pokemon-FR P'Team 1 - Forgotten Avengers by Pokemon-FR
• Poketeam EX
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 1 pokemon -> $20
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 2 pokemons -> $30
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 3 pokemons -> $40
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 4 pokemons -> $50
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 5 pokemons -> $59
          :pokeball: 1 trainer with 6 (max) pokemons -> $65
Examples :
Commis$ion - Poketeam 01 by Pokemon-FR
* What the difference between Poketeam Poster and Poketeam EX ?
The difference is in the making progress and the result.
- In Poketeam poster, we draw all the pokemons & trainer in one paper together, so it'll become like movie poster. And you will only get 1 pict file sent to your email.
- In Poketeam EX, we draw each pokemons & trainer separately in different paper then merge it together when coloring it in Photoshop. So, you will get each pokemons & trainer files plus the merged one.
2. Pokebattle
          :pokeball: 1 VS 1 Battle -> $ 15
          :pokeball: 2 VS 2 Battle -> $ 30
* Only pokemons, no trainers
* Pokemon are limited to 1st - 3rd stage pokemons, no legendaries.
Examples : Gallery Folder ->…
IPL'B 12 - VS Erika Kirkham by Pokemon-FR IPL'B 08 - VS Tori Silver by Pokemon-FR IPL'B 13 - VS Kira by Pokemon-FR IPL'B 14 - VS The Marauder by Pokemon-FR
• OC (Original Character) Commission
          :pokeball: Price per OC (max 5 OCs per order) -> $ 10 - 20 depend to the complexity of the character design.
* OC can be yourself or your own designed characters / monsters.
Examples :
Commis$ion - OC 03 by Pokemon-FR Commis$ion - OC 01 by Pokemon-FR
Questions >>> Comments on this journal / DA note.
Commission order >>> DA note or

* Payments with paypal only
* Once commission agreed, you can make full payment at once and then we send you the finished pict or
half payment then the other half when we say the pict is finished.
* We will start working on the pict once we receive the full payment or half DP
* Estimated finished time is 1 week, it might be shorter but we will try to make sure it won't be longer :)
Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)


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Other Interests
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Personal Quote
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What do you think about Pokemon-FR's Fierce Remake (All Pokedex Series). Please give your comment too :) 

1,399 deviants said Very Good !!! It's Fantastic & Inspiring ! (EPIC SAUCE :D)
315 deviants said Good ! It's Awesome !!!!!
286 deviants said Not Bad ! Some are good , some aren't .... Admit it.
37 deviants said Very BAD ! You should stop doing this FRs ! Leave those poor Pokemon alone , Will Ya !?
13 deviants said Bad ! It need moar serious work ! It's not just Pocket Monster !



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