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Pokemon Rumble Arena by Pokemon-FR Pokemon Rumble Arena by Pokemon-FR
Release Date : 07 Jan 2014
Platform : PC & PSX
Genre : Fighting
Publisher : NintenDai
Developer : FR Brothers
Gameplay : 3 VS 3 Normal Fight, 3 VS 1 Boss Fight

Playable Characters :

1st Row
01. Fire - SUN WU NAPE (Infernape) ~ The Monkey King
02. Water - DR MOIST (Cloyster) ~ The Abbys Scientist
03. Electric - JOTEI (Jolteon) ~ THe Lightning Bolt
04. Ice - JINNY (Jynx) ~ The Ice Witch

2nd Row
05. Bug - B-DRILL (Beedrill) ~ The Hive Protector
06. Flying - CCC / Crazy, Cool, Clever (Dodrio) ~ The Big Bosses
07. Fighting - LEE (Hitmonlee) ~ The World Champ
08. Dragon - DRUAGA (Druddigon) ~ The Forsaken Ancient

3rd Row
09. Dark - SELINA (Sneasel) ~ The Dark Assassin
10. Ghost - BANNED (Banette) ~ The Demon Lord
11. Poison - KAMUKAZE (Muk) ~ The Glitch Character
12. Psychic - CLUSTERZ (Reuniclus) ~ The Fallen Guardian

4th Row
13. Rock - THE ROCK (Regirock) ~ The World Destroyer
14. Steel - VILE (Mawile) ~ The Evil Persona
15. Ground - RO SENSEI (Marowak) ~ The Ground Master
16. Grass - VICTRIBAL (Victreebell) ~ The Maneating Plant

5th Row
17. Normal - LAUDO (Explaude) ~ The Explosive Monster
18. Fairy - MR. JOKER (Mr. Mime) ~ The Psycho Killer

Boss Characters : (playable after defeated)
1st. Fire - ZARD (Charizard) ~ The Raging Flame
2nd. Bug - CR055 (Heracross) ~ The Omnipotent Warrior
3rd. Psychic - XYSTEM (Deoxys) ~ The Outerspace Alien
4th. Grass - CELEBORN (Celebi) ~ The Dimension Eater
5th. Water - ANGRIKRAP (Magikarp) ~ The One

Fun info :
1. Only SUN WU NAPE and KAMUKAZE have alternate form. SUN WU NAPE as Victorious Fighting Buddha and KAMUKAZE as Kamikaze Nuclear Bomb.
1. Most of the fighters are underused or neverused pokemons.
2. The final, strongest & maddest boss, ANGRIKRAP cannot be defeated normally.
Because all his attacks are deadly and undodgeable, plus 10 regenerating life bars with ridiculous defense stats which made all gamers think that it's impossible to obtain him.
Well, here is the step by step way to defeat ANGRIKRAP. There're 2 ways, both are difficult but possible.
More Difficult Way :
- Obtain all boss characters, which already made you wanna throw your PSX or smash your PC.
- Obtain SUN WU NAPE's VFB form, by perfect win over ZARD (we manage to do it on 555th try). SUN WU NAPE VFB and XYSTEM is character with strongest attack stats. so it will easier to defeat.
- After that, go into battle with ANGRIKRAP using SUN WU NAPE VFB, XYSTEM and CR055. Just pummel dat f***in fish with SVFB & XYSTEM while CR055 use his Magnificent Shield. If you fail, keep trying. Because although this is the strongest team, the failure rate still 95%.
Easier Way :
- Obtain all boss characters, which already made you wanna throw your PSX or smash your PC.
- Obtain KAMUKAZE's KNB form, by having 999 win no matter who is your opponent. As soon as you obtain your 999th win, KAMUKAZE will transform into KNB, if you use him, he will transform back to normal and you will have to get 999 win again. Suck, yes we know.
- After that, go into battle with ANGRIKRAP using XYSTEM, KAMUKAZE KNB and CELEBORN. Try to made ANGRIKRAP lose 5 or more of his life bars and keep CELEBORN & KAMUKAZE safe. If CELEB or KAMU died when ANGRIKARP hadn't lose 5 or more of his life bars, don't bother just retry. After ANGRIKARP have 50% life bars or lower, prepare to use CELEBORN special "Time Freeze". ANGRIKRAP can still move and kill your CELEBORN but his depleted life bars will stay and not regenerate. The idea is to use KAMUKAZE KNB's Special "ALL Delete" which will deplete half of any opponent life bars, so you will win easily IF you manage to do it. Because KKNB need to charging his Bomb for around 5 seconds and anything can happen in that time with ANGRIKARP as your opponent. So, after Time Freeze, lure away ANGRIKARP or protect KKNB with CELEBORN for "just" 5 seconds.

Pokemon Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori , and Nintendo
Rumble Arena logo BandaiNamco
Image FR Brothers
:iconpokemon-fr: Jan 2014
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